Start Speaking Your Clients’ Language
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Start Speaking Your Clients’ Language

Start Speaking Your Clients’ Language

Working with bottom-line-oriented clients, I coined the phrase “Return on WOW” to illustrate the impact that an architect’s or designer’s work can have on the performance of a property.

I was asked to speak on this topic at KA Connect, and if you have 19 minutes to watch the video, you will find ideas that you can put into play in your own practice. The talk is titled, “Correlating Design and the Bottom Line.”

You’ll learn how to go from platitude to proof when it comes to making claims about “adding value” — along with how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and how to succeed by helping your clients succeed.

Going beyond design, the concept works for any professional services. For example, I like the term that Nanci Sherman has trademarked: ROWM — Return on What Matters. Nanci is a consultant to the hospitality industry. Don’t be misled by her clever title (Chief Inspiration Officer); she has found a way to help her hotel clients transform ordinary processes into extraordinary experiences … and, in doing so, optimize their profit. In fact, on her website, you can find ROI mentioned in each of her first three paragraphs.

Drawing a correlation between the softer side of what you do and the harder numbers associated with performance can benefit you, your staff, and your clients.

by Howard Wolff