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Lending his experience and expertise to others, Howard has been engaged by world-class companies to help them achieve even greater success in a crowded marketplace … whether it’s through conducting proprietary market research, gathering competitive intelligence, crafting strategic marketing initiatives, or creating compelling communication campaigns.

“Howard’s decision to offer consulting services is good news for the design industry. He is one of the most creative and talented marketing people I have ever seen.”
– Mark Zweig, Founder and CEO, Zweig Group


Believing “Those who can, teach,” Howard has conducted dozens of marketing clinics and taught hundreds of workshops and classes. His writings have been widely published in books, magazines and websites, and he has taught classes at Cornell, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USC, and University of Hawaii.

“Howard has tremendous insights into branding by design. His original research on the subject captivated my students and industry professionals alike.”
– Chekitan Dev, Professor, Cornell University
“I’ve taken a lot of workshops on sales and business, and I don’t think that any have come close to the amount of value that I got from Howard’s series.”
Sonny Lessary, ADMOR

Coaching and Mentoring

Howard has served as mentor and coach to many in the business. He believes that the most effective results come from real-life, real-time guidance while learning by doing.

“I can say without hesitation that the best benefit I had in my new position was Howard’s guidance, counsel and mentorship. I learned more from him than anyone else I’ve worked with before, and that’s saying A LOT.”
­- Drew Henmi, Business Development, de Reus Architects


Howard has delivered keynote speeches and presentations throughout the U.S. as well as in Rome, Budapest, Dubai, Moscow, Cannes, Beijing and Shanghai. A hallmark of his talks is that they are packed full of value, insights, and humor.

“Howard, your terrific presentation received universal high marks on content and insight. Many remarked that you were the best speaker we ever had. Everyone got something out of it that was immediately actionable and applicable to their business.”
– Mark (Rusty) Sherwood, Principal, FMI Center for Strategic Leadership
 “Howard’s session was particularly energizing – it made me want to jump in and fire up the troops back at the office!”
– Mary Moore, Associate Principal, Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.

A recent sampling of speaking and teaching engagements