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You need Howard …

When you can’t afford a full-time chief marketing officer.

When you can’t afford to go without marketing expertise in the interim.

Rent a CMO!

Firms that engage Howard as a part-time chief marketer get a seasoned pro who can hit the ground running – whether for one week a month, two days a week, or full-time for a limited time.

  • It’s one thing to come up with fresh marketing ideas; it’s another to implement them. Howard can help you with both, by offering innovative strategies and moving into action.
  • It’s one thing to have a good month in sales; it’s another to sustain your growth. Howard can help you do both, by creating business development systems and strategies and by providing in-house coaching.

A part-time or interim head of marketing is particularly appealing to those who want to:

  • access high-level strategic thinking beyond a one-day consulting gig but without the overhead burden of a full-time CMO
  • try out the role of a chief marketing officer on a short-term basis and assess the value without having to make a long-term commitment
  • put some marketing systems in place as a precursor to defining, creating and filling a full-time position

You may have had to cut your staff, but you don’t have to cut your results.

If you have these needs, you need Howard:

  • an aging brand that could stand to be reinvented and/or revitalized
  • a firm that’s reached a plateau and is seeking a strategy for growth
  • a domestic practice that is looking to expand internationally
  • a company that’s indistinguishable from competitors and needs a differentiation strategy to win more work and command higher fees
  • a new marketing person who could use coaching and mentoring to get up to speed quickly
  • senior leaders and rising stars who could be more effective marketers, communicators, and rainmakers

Call or write today for a free consultation: +1.808.683.2600 or click here to email Howard.

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The top six things that Howard can do for you:

Tap Howard’s 30+ years of experience and expertise creating effective and award-winning marketing strategies for professional service firms. Howard can help you tackle these challenges:

1. Define your distinctiveness.

“Howard’s emphasis on quantifying value in terms that are meaningful to clients has been a game changer in our industry. He’s one of the most brilliant thinkers and practitioners in our business.
Lee W. Slade, P.E. | Senior Principal | Walter P Moore

2. Create strategies for growing your business.

“The market research report that Howard delivered was immediately useful to the firm; his keen insights along the way made the process efficient and highly informative.”
Bill Viehman | Chief Marketing Officer | Perkins + Will

3. Renew your brand and re-invigorate your firm.

“Howard is too modest to say this himself, so I’ll say it: Howard was ‘the guy’ who had the vision and skills to re-package and rebrand WATG … creating the world-class name and reputation that WATG deservedly has today.”
James E. Burba | President | BHN

4. Create an integrated marketing communication program that gets results.

“Howard’s award-winning marketing programs are distinguished by the clarity of message he develops, the quality of his writing, and his rigorous attention to detail. At the center of his creativity is the extensive research he conducts to identify, with pinpoint accuracy, the needs of the client. His in-depth grasp of the market is legendary.
Barry B. LePatner | Founding Partner | LePatner & Associates LLP

5. Clarify your vision and maximize your effectiveness.

“Howard, thank you for your incredible guidance. You went well beyond the call of duty and exceeded our very high expectations. The strategic process you took us through helped us crystallize our vision and mobilize our resources. Much is clearer now, thanks to you, and much has been accomplished.”
Scott Reed | Principal | Cannon Design

6. Give your firm a competitive edge.

“Howard is a true professional, an innovator, an educator and an award winner. The firms that have heeded his advice have become internationally recognized leaders in their fields. Above all, Howard has proven to our industry that great success can be accomplished with style and grace.”
Laurin McCracken, AIA | Chief Marketing Officer | Jacobs Global Building NA

Talk is cheap … at least initially. Give Howard a call, and he won’t charge you anything to determine if and/or how he might help you. Contact Howard at +1.808.683.2600 or click here to email him.

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